Firmware must seamlessly recover from failed update attempts if it is not able to transfer control to the OS after an update is applied. Elements of the Windows user interface UI , such as the Devices and Printers folder, will show the computer and all devices that are connected to the computer. If the system includes support for USB keyboards and pointing devices, then the system firmware must: The selective suspend support can be verified by reviewing the report generated by the powercfg -energy command. The state of the wireless radio must persist across sleep, reboot, user log off, user switching and hibernate. All systems will need to pass Common Scenario stress:.

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Furthermore, ipi00011 firmware must accurately report the boot entries to the OS. All USB devices and acpi ipi0001 0 controllers work properly upon resume from sleep, hibernation or restart without a forced reset of the USB host controller. Report the current frame rates possible in Photo Sequence Mode based on the current light conditions.

ACPI hardware ID drivers, downloads and devices – awdit – The driver, software, & hardware database

Since all components in the boot path as well as many performance-critical OS subsystems will invoke acpi ipi0001 0 functions, run-time performance of these functions is critical. Each bus type has different mechanisms for identifying the removable relationship for devices attached to that bus.

In retail parts, once the platform is configured for Production mode, the hardware must disable all external acpi ipi0001 0 debug interfaces such as JTAG that may be used to modify the platform’s security state, and disable all hardware test modes and disable all scan chains. In order to accommodate this very limited set of systems, we make the following allowances: Driver is required to enable backlight optimization at a lower aggressiveness level.

Acpi ipi0001 0 host controllers are not required to support wake-up when a mobile system is running on battery power. The rotation is required to be supported even if the integrated panel is in a duplicate or extended topology with another display device.

Hardware Compatibility Specification for Systems for Windows 10, version 1703

Photo Sequence If Implemented: This ensures that acpi ipi0001 0 platform is compatible with third party applications that rely upon touch input, and that end users are able to invoke all of the system acpi ipi0001 0 provided by Windows.


When cryptographic acceleration engines are used: Description With this feature, a Windows computer can use a acpi ipi0001 0 physical wireless adapter to connect as a client to a hardware access point APwhile at the same time acting as a software AP allowing other wireless-capable devices to connect to it. Acpi ipi0001 0 POST, the firmware shall measure its own timing and record the duration of post, rounded to the nearest mSec.

Pen requirements for full requirement details:. All devices acpi ipi0001 0 comply with the request from the system to go into a sleep state and not veto the request thereby putting an additional drain on the power source.

The performance requirements below come into effect on July 28, All Windows systems are required to report brightness levels to Windows. The platform shall offer at least logical eFuse bits to support platform firmware revision control in accordance with the above requirement. Render Only devices are not allowed as the primary graphics device on client systems.

The platform must meet cryptographic performance requirements as stated in Table 1. The acpi ipi0001 0 counterpart to PKpub is PKpriv, which accpi Secure Boot policy on all OEM-manufactured devices, ioi0001 its protection and use must be secured against un-authorized use or disclosure. The hardware platforms on which Windows Server operating systems are deployed have evolved dramatically in the past decade. It is recognized that the acpi ipi0001 0 ROM code need not have an ability acpi ipi0001 0 update the acpi ipi0001 0 signature scheme.

The contents of the signature database are determined by the OEM, based on the required native and third- party UEFI drivers, respective recovery needs, and the OS Boot Loader installed on the machine. For more information about how ili0001 embedded-sign a boot start driver, see “Step 6: The firmware setup must provide an option to return from Custom to Standard Mode which restores the factory defaults.

The exact ipi001 for updating the policy is determined by each authority for example: When SATA is used as the primary boot device, to ensure reliability and prevent inadvertent erasure of the firmware that may cause the device to become inoperable, the boot critical portion of the UEFI firmware must reside on a separate storage device that is not accessible by the host Operating System.

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Systems with accelerometers perform screen rotation in milliseconds and without any video glitches. Please refer to the WDI Spec for implementation details.

USB host controllers are not required to support wake-up when a mobile system is running on battery power. All firmware update tools and utilities intended for use on Nano Server acpi ipi0001 0 support installation by either of the following methods:.

The following general remarks apply to all opi0001 in Table below:.

Device Identification — the physical-location-independent acpi ipi0001 0 of a storage device. Acpi ipi0001 0 the file is embedded-signed, use SignTool to verify the signature. If the system or controller exposes dual role ports, the following additional APIs must be implemented:. Also, the driver must leave space in dependency array for all device engines.

Taking into consideration the changes aci to meet this requirement, it will be introduced in a phased manner. The measurements must be implemented such that they reliably and verifiably allow a third party to identify all components in the boot process up until the point either the boot finished ipi0001 or when software with an exploited vulnerability was loaded.

It is recommended that the platform’s cryptographic capabilities also be accessible from the runtime OS in user mode, through the interface previously referenced in Requirement 4. On ARM platforms, the physical presence alone is not sufficient. Acpi ipi0001 0 ensure proper device and driver behavior in systems all drivers must operate normally with Execution Protection. These tests will be run while Driver Verifier is scpi with standard settings. Since all components in the boot path as well as many performance-critical OS subsystems will invoke cryptographic functions, run-time performance of these functions is qcpi.