Rockville RXD-M0 1200 Watt shop Peak 300w Mono 1 Dyno-Certified RMS O RMS,Electronics , Car Vehicle Electronics , Car Electronics,Peak/300w,Dyno-Certified,$77,,1,O,Rockville,/bostangi1201911.html,Mono,1200,Watt,RXD-M0 $77 Rockville RXD-M0 1200 Watt Peak/300w Dyno-Certified RMS Mono 1 O Electronics Car Vehicle Electronics Car Electronics RMS,Electronics , Car Vehicle Electronics , Car Electronics,Peak/300w,Dyno-Certified,$77,,1,O,Rockville,/bostangi1201911.html,Mono,1200,Watt,RXD-M0 $77 Rockville RXD-M0 1200 Watt Peak/300w Dyno-Certified RMS Mono 1 O Electronics Car Vehicle Electronics Car Electronics Rockville RXD-M0 1200 Watt shop Peak 300w Mono 1 Dyno-Certified RMS O

Rockville RXD-M0 1200 Watt shop Peak 300w Mono 1 Dyno-Certified RMS O Colorado Springs Mall

Rockville RXD-M0 1200 Watt Peak/300w Dyno-Certified RMS Mono 1 O


Rockville RXD-M0 1200 Watt Peak/300w Dyno-Certified RMS Mono 1 O


Product Description

Package Includes:

  • (1) Rockville RXD-M0 1200 Watt Peak/300w Dyno-Certified RMS Mono 1 Ohm Amplifier Car Audio Amp
  • (1) Rockville RWK82 8 Gauge 4 Chan Car Amp Wiring Installation Wire Kit (2) RCA's

Rockville RXD-M0 1200 Watt/600w RMS Mono Class D 1 Ohm Car Amplifier + Amp Kit


Features of RXD-M0:

  • Rockville RXD-M0 1200 Watt Peak/300w Dyno-Certified RMS Mono 1 Ohm Amplifier Car Audio Amp
  • Dyno Certified RMS Power Ratings: (Certified Dyno Test / Less than 1 % THD) (Use these ratings when comparing with top brands such as Kicker, Rockford Fosgate, etc)1 Ohm : 300 Watts x 1 Channel lt;1% THD+N 2 Ohm : 200 Watts x 1 Channel lt;1% THD+N 4 Ohm : 150 Watts x 1 Channel lt;1% THD+N
  • Peak: (Use these ratings when comparing with the top budget brands such as Boss, Power Acoustik, etc)1 Ohm : 1200 Watts x 1 Channel 2 Ohm : 800 Watts x 1 Channel 4 Ohm : 600 Watts x 1 Channel
  • High-Speed MOSFET Power Supply
  • Optical Coupler Class “D” Technology
  • Studio-Grade Bipolar Output Stage Transistors
  • Now exclusively with “Professional Peak Limiter Circuitry” which guarantees distortion free musical playback at all levels.
  • Fully Adjustable 12dB / Octave Crossover with Differential Circuitry
  • Low Pass Filter : 50Hz - 250Hz
  • Subsonic Filter : 15Hz - 55Hz
  • Phase Control Switch
  • Full IC-Controlled Protection Circuitry
  • Remote Dashboard Subwoofer Control
  • Fully Adjustable 12dB Bass Equalizer
  • Mute and Delay Soft Start System
  • RCA Preamp Line Output
  • 8 Volt Preamp Circuitry
  • Status Mode LED Indicator
  • Minimum THD at Rated Power : lt; 0.05%
  • S / N Ratio : gt;100dB
  • Frequency Response : 10Hz - 500KHz
  • Damping Factor : gt; 200 @ 100Hz
  • 50 Amp Maxi Fuse
  • Dimensions : (W x H x L) 9.5" x 2" x 8.75"

Features of RWK82:

  • Rockville RWK82 8 Gauge 4 Channel Car Amplifier Wiring Installation Kit
  • (2) 17' High Grade Twisted Pair of 100% Copper RCA Cable
  • 17' 8 Gauge Translucent Blue SuperFlex Power Cables
  • 17' 18 Gauge Blue Remote Cablee
  • 17' 16 Gauge Clear Speaker Wire
  • 3' 8 Gauge SuperFlex Ground Wire
  • Gold Plated AGU Heat Resistant Fuse Holder
  • 60 Amp AGU Gold Plated Fuse
  • 7 Split Tube Loom
  • Accessories Included: Wire Ties, Ring Terminals, Butt Connectors, Spades, and Grommets
  • Soft abrasion proof insulating jacket allows for 100% improved flexibility
  • PVC outer jacket can with-stand an extreme temperature range of -40 to 220 degrees F

Rockville RXD-M0 1200 Watt Peak/300w Dyno-Certified RMS Mono 1 O

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Endeavor in an all new adventure in wintery undiscovered region of the New World in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne! Use our guide to fully prepare for your hunt; including Loadout & Skill Simulator, all weapon build, weapon trees and more!

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