If there is no power, change the adapter. I have a vaio vgn-cr The melted solder sticks to the soldering iron plus the drop seems to large for the space and terminals. I have followed the instructions to remove the motherboard. What other steps to trouble shoot can I do? I live in toronto, Any ideas?. It seems as though each time I add, I am only picking up what I have added each time.

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When power button gaheway the 3 led lights come on for approx. But now i think it might be the mother board of the DC jack. Refuse to believe that it can not be fixed gateway mx6455 audio Then when I plug into the jack, and test the jack, it also shows Now it is completely dead!!! The solder gateway mx6455 audio to the other side of mx64555 board covering part of it. Now with new jack and tip, all appears well. I have searched all over for this thing. Before I proceed further, gateway mx6455 audio it safe to test the connection by plugging in the power cord directly in mother board?

Ive actually dremmeled the housing off of a DC power jack before and then resoldered the new jack. How am I suppose to mmx6455 the connection at the same time follow the assembly steps gateway mx6455 audio this page? I replaced the dc power jack as described in your instructions.

DC power jack repair guide | Laptop Repair

Possible poor soldering job. Is it black epoxy? Now you can install the power jack back on the motherboard. You are looking for the service manual.


Then the section of case can be very easily lifted away. Almost like it short circuited or something.

When I plug my power adapter in, the light on the front of the laptop comes on for a second then shuts off. I can remove most power jacks from Gateway mx6455 audio motherboards in minutes, but when I work with Dells it takes some time and effort.

I was told that it was the DC adapter. Took it apart and re-soldered.

I have a Advent notepad Nordic that does not want to switch on at all at first I thought it was the battery but not then i tried removing the RAM, Hard drive and putting them back but nothing its still not switching on. I would like to know if anyone knows where I can just buy the whole dang peice. Your guide, and the comments, and your responses all helped me to do it finally today and I am really really thankful and happy.

When the motherboard is removed, you can plug in the power adapter and test if power comes to the motherboard. I believe the screws used to hook gateway mx6455 audio casings go all the way down gateway mx6455 audio the metal bracket. It charges, but when I hit the power button, it blinks all of the lights, and then nothing. Gateway mx6455 audio laptop worked for a while then it stopped working and the little light on the power cable transformer is lit before i connect it to the laptop but as soon as I connect it the little led goes out and gateway mx6455 audio laptop does not fire up.

Use this repair guide at your own risk. The battery is not charging. I have a huge problem now……. Desoldering pump for removing solder around component leads. My holes are all blocked with Solder. I have a sony vgn, the dc adapter was broken I replaced the part, it had no soldering involved. I can gateway mx6455 audio the DC Jack to be a little shaky. And how difficult would it be to replace it?


Try replacing the memory module with a good one. Do it until the hole is clean. Put something under power jack so there is gateway mx6455 audio gap between the jack and the motherboard. Close but no ticket.

DC power jack repair guide

Ausio external monitor works fine but you have no video on the internal LCD, gateway mx6455 audio the video cable connection gateway mx6455 audio the motherboard, make sure the cable is properly connected to the motherboard. Laptop dc in jack repaired many thanks, I can not get the keyboard strip back into place it is very difficult as it sits under the motherboard.

Does it belong to graphic chipset? Clear, concise, no BS! But one question that had been addressed before: Ive done considerable research and it seems that everyone has issues with the tiny metal housing pegs that surround the jack.