There is a foam pad over another area that looks like it should have the heat sink compound also. Do you see network adapters Ethernet and Wireless in there? What other steps to trouble shoot can I do? I tested the input voltage to the inverter and it was 15 volts DC whether the display was working or not. Baked the motherboard on a cookie sheet for 4 minutes. I ordered a new screen invertor and replaced the old one.

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I took out all my screws and the manuel was awesome to take apart my laptop. On some laptops this connector could be found under the keyboard bezel. The laptop does work perfectly using an external screen. I am waiting for ur reply…. If it was black before, it was probably a short, but if it was black after you most likely have a little gunk on the chip that can be taken off with a tough tooth brush and some rubbing alcohol. The powers light on the computer itself comes on and the fan starts up just fine but the screen stay blank both internally and externally and the light on the cd drives is amber instead of green.

When people say backlight, most likely they are referring to the backlight lamp inside the LCD screen or inverter board. The Bluetooth module is shown on the page If you want to find exactly the same wireless card, you should search by the HP part number. I checked and double checked the only audio cable, shown in step 22 above. Hi, I was just wondering if you might be able to add a little thing about how to match the Hp pavilion dv6810us xp power jack to the barrel of your AC adapter in the case that you need to replace the DC jack.


You can put a few hours hp pavilion dv6810us xp the hp pavilion dv6810us xp and there is no guaranty it will work. The keyboard and base has also been hp pavilion dv6810us xp. I tried the old screen again and it was also dim.

Test your laptop with each memory module separately. And best of all, my GF leaves my computer alone now!!!

How to disassemble HP Pavilion dv, dv, dv, dv – Inside my laptop

Hp pavilion dv6810us xp will remove most dust from the cooling module. I guess could be a problem with the LCD, but for some reason it feels like bad cable. I attempted to boot up my computer and the repair turned out to be no good. When I hit the start button 3 lights numlock, capslock, and one other came on but only for about 5 seconds, then went out. When trying to re-install XP hp pavilion dv6810us xp power keeps shutting off during the install process. Can you help me please.

Did you replace just the LCD screen or dv6810js new screen came with the inverter board? I Have a Bit of electronics knowledge Eg.

So my Dell Latitude D showed all the symptoms of a failed dc power jack; so I took it all hp pavilion dv6810us xp down to the xxp and then took the motherboard to a laptop repair shop to have the power jack resoldered.

Dv6810hs I barely insert the power tip into the jack, just making the connection, I get power. I read through your very well written step-by-step pavklion and it was a breeze!

If the screen goes bad the whole screen has to be replaced.

DC power jack repair guide

First off I want to say great step by step instructions. Ive done hp pavilion dv6810us xp research and it seems that everyone has issues with the tiny metal housing pegs that surround the jack. There is no locking clip. I have a brand new high end Dell laptop funning Vista. What could be problem else? First of all, test your laptop with headphones.

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Maybe a dongle can be added further down the line as a work around. The main problem I was having was with actually soldering the power jack onto the motherboard. In the following guide I explain how hp pavilion dv6810us xp disassemble HP Pavilion dv, dv, dv, dv notebooks.

There has to be a way…. First, great work with the instructions!! Can you see any LED lights on the laptop indicating that the laptop is getting power? I assume I have to follow steps Behaviour was the same.

With the new tip, the battery started charging. If you have to guess, try replacing the inverter board first.

Remove as much epoxy as you can. Even without disassembly, take the battery out, and let me know if you get continuity between the main pin and the pins that connect to the exterior of the plug.

Screen inverter board

I would definitely replace the whole screen. The computer dv6810uz normally whether or not the display works. The battery release is jammed, thus preventing the battery from sliding out of the battery compartment.