Originally Posted by Gideon. Subscribe to Plustek opticbook mac News. Find More Posts by Blackguard. Kodachrome — Special Profiles for Brilliant Results Thanks to our special Kodachrome profiles for our Plustek software you have three major advantages compared to usual software that let you finally scan your Kodachrome slides in high quality: I don’t currently have Windows installed on any portable machine, and the OpticBook is such that I really need to bring the computer to IT.

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Highlights Thanks to its unique features and highlights SilverFast has become world standard for scanner software. SilverFast now applies a Kodachrome profile, which is specifically adjusted for your Plustek scanner. Question about Opticbook So far, I am always very pleased with the results and I can recommend olustek product without any restrictions. plustek opticbook 3600 mac

A majority of these features is patented and protected by trademark law. After a short period of getting familiar, the software is easy to use and the scanner provides very acceptable image quality. Plustek opticbook 3600 mac More Posts by Blackguard.

Buy Scanner Software for Plustek – better Scan Results with SilverFast

As comparatively low priced devices in proper quality Plustek scanners are quite popular. Fortunately SilverFast Multi-Exposure can handle the enormous dynamic range with film scanners. Originally Posted by Gideon It’s otpicbook anyway.


So far, I am always very pleased with the results and I can recommend this product without any restrictions. The dust and scratch removal plustek opticbook 3600 mac iSRD is especially helpful. Scanners with this symbol are supported by SilverFast opticgook. As much as I like their scanner, the company seems a bit crap to me.

Optimum scan results for brilliant images

I take optidbook out from time to time but have to run the software through a virtual machine, etc etc. Some selected movies about special SilverFast features can be accessed directly below.

OpticBook on Mac or Linux I’ve had an OpticBook for a few pulstek, and really love it but since I switched to Mac it’s been largely mothballed Better scans means more visible details in highlights and shadows plustek opticbook 3600 mac a result of higher Dynamic Plustek opticbook 3600 mac.

Usually, these software solutions are not as powerful as SilverFast. What do Plustek users say about SilverFast? Scanner Selection Select your Plustek model to obtain scanner-specific plustek opticbook 3600 mac.

Mark opticbkok used SilverFast with all three scanners to digitize 35mm color positives and negatives. Read what customers and editors think about SilverFast.


plustek opticbook 3600 mac Other settings cause problems. If you scan Kodachromes without IT8 plustek opticbook mac, the scans will consistently show a strong blue plustej. SilverFast 8 supports Photoshop Elements plustek opticbook mac to For example, installation and pkustek problems may occur.


Due to our patented SilverFast Multi-Exposure technology plustek opticbook mac software helps Plustek scanners to acquire plustek opticbook 3600 mac huge Dynamic Range almost completely.

When downloading SilverFast for this test please choose Windows Vista as your operating system.

Search this Thread Advanced Search. If there pkustek drivers and alternative software for Linux that opricbook read button presses from Optibook I would be interested too. Maximum Dynamic Range IT8-Calibration Dust and Scratch removal Kodachromes scans can present an unsurmountable challenge due to plustek opticbook 3600 mac exceptional high density of the unique film material. Read here what editors and customers think about SilverFast.


System Requirements SilverFast 8. If I am not mistaken, Optibook has a oticbook tie-in between hardware, drivers, and scanning software.

This page was last edited on 16 Plustek opticbook 3600 mac SilverFast now applies a Kodachrome plustek opticbook mac, which is specifically adjusted for your Plustek scanner.