Thanks very much for your help and suggestions. Thank you for sharing your workaround: In short, I’m not particularily impressed. I tried the same approach on my buddy Dave’s computer that was having the same problem and it worked there too. Its nice to have it back after downgrading, but Its a pretty serious issue however.

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But I want to proactive to let you know that when the dj developers realize ssrato true problem is the software serato asio not the users it make everyone happier. I backed serato asio my serato library. I’m an SA during the day, so I’m pretty comfortable messing serato asio with drivers and backing stuff up, etc After the driver successfully installs and your computer restarts, retest you may need to disconnect and then reconnect your Rane hardware.

We’ll then have a look and see what needs to be done from here. You could distribute the driver stand alone for people like us that have had the driver dissapear after installing 2. S if I typed something you didn’t understand please highlight my words or expression s. I thought it was closed for inactivity. Given that the terminal window comes up then serato asio closes running the 2. serato asio

I tried the above with UAC turned off, and running as administrator to prevent any problems with the installer, but at the point that the terminal command window pops upf for the driver installer, it popped up and then vanished without installing a driver But I followed the above instructions for the driver only install, but using the backup of the SL2 driver folder I had made serato asio 2.


Attach this file to this thread. A read-only archive of old serato. The SL2 is a hopped up external soundcard that acts as a hardware dongle to lock out features of Serato if you haven’t purchased it, which I understand and can agree with, but to prevent it from working with other software when you legitimately own the SL2 hardware and the other software is just plain dirty in my opinon and serato asio somewhat serato asio disregard for those of us who are producers as well as live musicians.

The command window for the driver installer serato asio up, but then exits almost immediately and I can’t see what happened.

Also, some of the problems I am reading on this forum is relative to my additional problems that I am having with Itch which makes me lean more to say is assio my stuff needs help or Serato asio needs help?

These should be installed serato asio with Scratch Live when a certain checkbox is marked during the install process.

I thought about it sefato decided serato asio try the driver from the 2. Serato asio on the Start icon in the lower left hand corner of the main Windows screen. I left the SL2 plugged in and ran the installer for 2.

Serato asio hope that it is just an oversight or a problem with the 2. Serato asio custom driver serago always be better than a generic one – from a resource point of view and stability serato asio.


However – there is no such a checkbox and so no ASIO-driver will be installed. Furthermore, ever since installing 2. I know your reply will be this link you send everyone to review to make sure their computer is tweaked, but could this plainly be Itch is the problem not users computer.

SL3 Asio Drivers for win or mac |

This help request has been closed due to inactivity. We’re have similar setups. Serato asio really bought sertao to work with ableton via the bridge, but I’m not always using serato when I compose, and the serato serato asio to ableton is clunky at best, so why should I be forced to only run one piece of software with the SL2 when it is a perfectly good external audio device.

I tried and it worked. I hope this helps someone else with the same problem. Can you please do sertao following: As this seems to be a common enough problem on the win7 setups I’ve seen, maybe this bears a little more investigation by serato asio technical team. This sorta worked with 2.

It actually appears that ASIO drivers were taken out in the latest 2. Thank you for sharing your workaround: