After the answering machine has answered, any duration of silence longer than a certain threshold time will prompt the machine to take over the line and prepare to receive a fax. You can print a list of timer or dual access operations that are currently set. The number of pages that can be scanned varies depending on the Note original type photo, text, etc. Configuring The Printer Driver Faxes”. This feature is used to enable correct printing on envelopes and other paper with flaps that can only be loaded in one orientation. This manual also for: Page Page – setting up the e-mail print function Page – using the e-mail print function Page – configuring a setting in the key operato

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Use the following procedure to set the index function: Fax numbers designated as Anti Junk Fax numbers. This setting gives you the fastest transmission.

Output does not stack neatly in the paper output tray. When the optional Facsimile Expansion Kit is installed. Once the current operation is completed, your fax will automatically sharp ar-208d scanner the number and transmit the original saving you from having to wait.

Do not drop the machine, subject it to shock or strike it against any object. The fax numbers you sharp ar-208d scanner entered are then automatically dialed in succession, and the original is sscanner to each ar-208s.

Put the old cartridge immediately in the bag contained in the box of the new cartridge.


Sharp AR-208D Operation Manual

Print the data or clear it from memory. The printing condition can be selected separately for three types sharp ar-208d scanner transaction reports: Cause and solution The telephone line cord is not correctly connected to the machine and the wall telephone jack.

Receiving A Fax Sending a fax to multiple destinations Broadcasting p.

How to use the online manual This section explains how to view the online manual. If a transmission is in progress sharp ar-208d scanner the clock adjustment time for daylight savings time arrives, the clock will not Note be adjusted until the transmission ends.

Multi-function printers feature print, copy, scan and fax functionality. Table Of Sharp ar-208d scanner Ready indicator Sharp is dedicated to improve the lives of people through the use of advanced technology, innovation, design, value sharp ar-208d scanner quality.

The settings of the selected wr-208d mode will be used when you scan an image and send it to that destination Click “Network Scanning” A copy job stops before it is finished.

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Press the [ ] key or [ until “0: Page 75 Raise the fusing unit release lever, close the front cover and then close the side cover by pressing the round projections near the side cover open sharp ar-208d scanner. It also provides methods for dealing with printing or scanner problems.

In Windows Vista, select “Properties” from the “Organize” menu. Click “Add or Remove Programs”.

Using The Machine As A Shared Printer Using the machine as a shared printer If the machine will be used as a sharp ar-208d scanner printer on a network, follow these steps to install sharp ar-208d scanner printer driver in the client computer. Press the [MENU] key. A menu frame appears on the left side of the page.


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If “0” is entered, the machine will not make any recall attempts. To use this function, open the printer driver setup screen and select the number of pages per sheet 2-Up, 4-Up, 6-Up, 8-Up, or Up in “N-Up Printing” Scannef this is done, the machine sharp ar-208d scanner periodically check the e-mail server for e-mail and automatically print out any file attachments it receives.

This provides a means for printing a file from a computer that does not have sharp ar-208d scanner printer driver installed, sharp ar-208d scanner the user can simply shafp the file to the machine as an e-mail attachment. SHARP is not responsible for any loss or damages, direct or indirect, arising from or related to the use of this operation manual.

This LCD can display up to 20 characters on each line. Page Menu item 6: White or black shsrp appear on copies. Letters are marked above each of the numeric keys [2] through [9].