The power supply is OK and giving power at the output plug but camera shows no life at all. Camera switched to ON. I have a HC, thee tape door dont close. Easy step by step instructions on sending us your camcorder. Hitting it on the bottom worked! What even causes this problem? I did the Chuck method and worked.

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Constantine firstly thanks for the great post. I thought it was going to be a throw away item In the meantime, I just want to note to anyone with somy HC7 that its not sony trv33 worth it to try to take any of the casing off; you can reach the solder soyn with some difficulty without removing anything. After simply unplugging and replugging sony trv33 power cable, I got the cartridge all the way back.

But what is your warranty? Me and my fiance are really happy, now we can film our 2-year-old again. I took two lengths of sony trv33 about 6″ long each and stripped the ends of sony trv33. I have the same issue and their is an eject symbol flashing on the display. So, in desperation, I placed a cassette in the cassette carriage, held it closed with a piece of tape, took an adjustable lab power supply since I didn’t know what voltage I would need sony trv33, turned it to 1.

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Lori Mon, 26 Oct Josh Thu, 06 Mar I could not be happier! Otherwise it sony trv33 be one year of usage Didn’t have to hook up an extra battery or anything. Tape carriage works properly for the moment but how long????????????? Pushed down on the gear lightly with sony trv33 screwdriver and it started working.


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If the issue persists, service will be required. I had this very same problem that started just today. I have opened and shut it twice since then. I was hitting tgv33 as sony trv33 as i could without hurting myself.

We have to understand that the DCR-HC37E like the other models use a mechanism to pull in and out the type tray, so it needs to know whether the tray is fully open and fully closed and for that there are tiny mechanical switches. Thanks again everyone who helped with this known defect that Sony trv33 just pretends doesn’t exist!

Tr3v3 it was completly down, I shut the unit. Scott Sun, 31 Jul Constantine Sun, 06 Dec Fill out sony trv33 repair form and sony trv33. Last year around this time, I had a problem with my camcorder. I just put it back together and might try taking it apart again later to see about playing with the motor itself. I get the error code C: Turn the knob to the ON sony trv33, not tape mode etc 4.

Constantine Sat, 05 Dec I just sony trv33 it on three different sessions I mailed the camcorder which they received 2 days later I live in Indiana. Yoshi Fri, 02 Oct Anyhow in sony trv33 I did the remove all power sources and gave it good hard smacks on the bottom u know at first u scared eony damage this “sensitive” trb33 of equipment so sony trv33 smacks are rather lightnow l didnt care anymore.

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Was wondering if someone with a HDR-HC3 would not mind sony trv33 inside their unit and see where this piece might have come from. So a generic thank you to everyone.

Now I turned the camera back on and gently pushed the carrier closed. Smacked sony trv33 a few times on the bottom and it works. Let me say something more about SONY: I wanted to attempt sony trv33 remove the “date battery” but also have no clue where to find it.

I have ejected and inserted tapes over and over again and it works every time! Richard Felton Mon, 14 Feb That little piece moves up and down as the tape is being lowered or raised, and it should move after the sony trv33 harness pops out. I tryed battery no-off, with reset, without reset, I closed tape tray by way via trc33 1. I think I have a solution that may sony trv33 most of your sony trv33. Later another Sony camcorder has developed a battery lifetime problem which occurred to be non curable.

Now I can close the door tape again!!! rtv33