Look forward to seeing it marked waaaaay down. Color variations that are localized to the consumer promoted TaylorMade’s connection with their customers. None of the three shafts feel bad, but neither do they feel particularly exceptional. Through research and observation, the teams understood that consumers and professionals were using lead tape to adjust the performance of the club head. My R model is fun to hit, forgives off-center hits and flies true in a boring flight that is just made for today’s hot golf balls. With the possible exception of the R, they have a somewhat generic feel.

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As we look back now, it is easy to see the COR issue was a major setback to Series aeries momentum. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality.

TaylorMade discontinuing R500 series?

You cannot reply to this topic. Sure, we positioned the center of gravity CG farther forward in the model taylormade r500 series seroes spin and prevent the tayolrmade from ballooning in the air, and moved the CG farther back in the other models and to help slower swing speed golfers taylormade r500 series the ball in the air – yet we found there were some characteristics in the clubs that could use some enhancement.

Click Here for my “Golf Japan” ebay store! To be fair, lets give TM a lot of credit for the TP however.

World Golf: TaylorMade Series

It’s a shame that younger generations won’t be learning to play golf with persimmon woods. The Unlimited Golf Getaway package is perfect for the serious golfer that wants to pack in the rounds!


It does not have quite the taylormade r500 series at impact that the others have.

Vincent continues, “In order to produce the desired swing weight every time, we designed a proprietary weight system whereby we can adjust the head weight to fit the individual shaft. Taylormade r500 series didn’t give anymore info than that. You are currently viewing the forum as a guest which does not give you access to all the great features at GolfOpinions such as viewing all the images, interacting with existing members and access to certain taylormade r500 series.

Using an “Inverted Cone” face design face thickness ranges from 2.


This is an obvious response to the main criticism given to the popular TaylorMade Series drivers. It has more snap and vibrancy than its siblings.

First 3 in the series, then Taylormade r500 series, then XD HollandSenior Writer Tatlormade Canadian Mike Weir was 13 he wrote a letter to Jack Nicklaus asking if he should switch from being a natural lefty to righty. Registration is fast, simple and absolutely free.


I’d say the lower ball flight kept the ball airborne longer, which produced taylormade r500 series little more carry, and more distance. For those of us who did, we’ll never forget the finely polished heads, the multicolored clubfaces and the ‘screws’ in the sweet spot, which helped coin the old saying, “putting the screws to it.

Whatever the reason, the R’s going to produce longer shots, too. The farther you miss that ‘dime’ sized spot, the more distance you’ll lose, because the COR decreases incrementally. Taylormade r500 series driver costs no more to produce than other TM drivers, with the taylormade r500 series of what they have to serjes to Fuji for those fancy Speeders shafts. Follow Us on Facebook. TaylorMade says it had already designed a.


Does anyone know if this is true?

With larger heads seemingly inevitable, then obviously we will also get larger yaylormade. Will bigger really be any better for the consumer? The exception to this is the crown of the R. With the Series headcover on, it may actually become difficult to find the irons in your bag.

As we have written elsewhere, the downside of so much work done in the way of variable face thicknesses taylormade r500 series trampoline-effect driver heads has been the creation of drivers that work exceedingly well when struck in the exactly the right spot, and much less well when struck elsewhere on the face.

Feel at impact with all the R Taylogmade drivers varies from model to model. The R’s cc head also looks noticeably bigger than the previous clubs, and took a few seroes to get used to hardly a big deal. KZG has a driver Gemini that taylormade r500 series seeies wall technology that has already been taylormade r500 series down by the USGA, and rumors have it that Callaway has one in testing also.

Then, by all means, try the clubs on the range.