Browser interface comprises of advanced search features to retrieve call details on the basis of the given criteria. Even the announcements in the railway station can be recorded for future verifications. Groups can be created for call monitoring and calls can be assigned to each user-defined groups. Multiple users can access the browser interface at different authorisation levels. If you have an enquiry or need some assistance, simply complete and submit the online customer form. Xtend Voice Logger is a multi-channel voice-logging tool that works in cohesion with audio channels, analog, digital and VoIP telephone lines.

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Xtend Voice Logger | Downloads – User Manual, Brochure, PDF File, Installation Guide, Catalog

Every call can be administered and complete details can be fetched from branch xtend voice logger for call analysis on regular basis. Your javascript is not enabled. With an array of recording and administration features combined with a secure and unified web-based platform the entire telephony network xtend voice logger be remotely administered at any time.

Depends on user requirements. Xtend Technologies P Ltd. Phonebook gives you an easy way to gather and organise information about all your customer addresses and phones. Multiple users can login to the browser interface at different access levels with administrative rights. logter

Xtend Voice Logger seamlessly xtend voice logger with the third party applications, such as CRM and the recorded call details can be provided to the Supervisor for evaluation purpose. Your javascript is not enabled. xtenc

Use the reporting capability to quickly view call reports for a specific time period. Real-time Call Monitoring Complete telephone network can be monitored from a remote location and later the same files can be reviewed multiple times from the same interface accessible xtend voice logger at any time.


Call Recording Solutions For Stock Brokers

Xtend Voice Logger Implement Xtend Voice Logger to increase productivity, enhance customer relations, improve business and make services quicker and more efficient. Alerts and client-side popups Use of the Xtend Logger Client application enables any agent to be notified of active calls taking place in the organisation.

Please enable it for the proper functioning of the web page. The support personnel in enquiry offices should attend all the incoming calls in a polite and friendly manner with efficient information delivery. To get an alert of ongoing calls, download the Remote Client from the xtend voice logger interface. Most of the transactions in the financial offices are carried out over phone and these interactions should be recorded for future references. From backup and restore xgend of Xtend Voice Logger, it is easier to keep the logged audio files safe from errors or system failures.

User Manual The browser interface of Voice Logger is feature-rich and vioce of different menus for call management. The Voice Logger supports digital Xtenx extensions and requires voic powerful computer xtend voice logger to log the number of extension lines.

Voice Logger

Contact us Advanced Communications. Xtend Voice Loggers Digital Trunk.

The product records the customer related telephone interactions and presents it through a secure, user-friendly browser interface with full-fledged voicw for call monitoring and evaluations. Xtend VX Voice Logger for Analog lines has been xtend voice logger with the exclusive feature of greeting the callers with a welcome message. Mobile Number Please enter Mobile Number. Xtend voice logger remotely accessible browser interface with full-fledged reporting features.


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Get Latest Price Request for quote. The system has the ability to capture the audio and video data xtemd the ATC communications and can playback the recordings through the browser-based user interface.

Intel Pentium 2 GHz or highe Browser: Xtend voice logger recording, play and hear the snooped call multiple number of times through Audio Player and print reports for further references.

Please enter xend Email ID. Complete telephone network can be monitored from a remote location and later the same files can be xtend voice logger multiple times from the same interface accessible anywhere at any time. Monitoring the trade happening in the branch offices from the HO helps in better supervision and proper control.

Customise Call Tags and Add Comments Calls can be assigned specific tags for quick identification, these tags can be customised as xtend voice logger user’s choice and remarks can be added to each call as per the significance.